HIdden & socking facts about mc stan

MC Stan's real name is Altaf Shaikh, and he was born and brought up in Mumbai. He started his music career in 2017 and rose to fame with his song "Wata" in 2018.

mumbai, dharavi

MC Stan's music is heavily influenced by the street culture of Mumbai, especially the Dharavi slums.

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MC Stan has won several awards, including the MTV Hustle Award for Best Original Song.


MC Stan's most popular songs include "Khuja Mat," "Aulad," and "Yaar."


He has faced criticism for his controversial lyrics, which some people find offensive.

known for

MC Stan is known for his unique flow and hard-hitting lyrics that reflect the harsh realities of life in Mumbai's slums.

fan following

He has a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.


MC Stan is also an actor and has appeared in several web series and short films.

self-taught musician

He is a self-taught musician and learned to produce music by watching YouTube tutorials.


He is a big fan of Eminem and considers him a major influence on his music.

other facts

MC Stan has been involved in several philanthropic activities, including supporting the education of underprivileged children.

He is known for his unique fashion sense, often wearing bold and colorful outfits.