Christmas Tree Lyrics – V (Bts)

Christmas Tree Lyrics from Our Be Loved Summer by V (Bts) latest Korean songs in Which music is given by V (Bts). Christmas Tree Song Lyrics are penned down by V (Bts). Video released by Netflix Youtube Channel.

Christmas Tree Lyrics

It’s Summer!
I See You
You Always Come To Me
Besides The Lake

When The Rain Stops
You Shine On Me
Your Light Is The Only Thing
That Keeps The Cold Out

Moon In The Summer Night
Whispering Of The Stars
They’re Singing Like
Christmas Tree For Us

So I Tell You A Million Tiny Things That
You Have Never Known
It All Gets Built Up Inside
And I Tell You A Million Little Reasons
Falling For Your Eyes
I Just Want To Be With You Ohhh

It’s Such A Strange Thing To Do
Sometimes I Don’t Understand You
But It Always Brings Me Back
To Where You Arе

Writer: V (Bts)

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 Christmas Tree Song Details
Song:-            Christmas Tree

Singer:-         V (Bts)

Music:-          V (Bts)

Lyrics:-          V (Bts)

Label:-           Netflix

 Christmas Tree Song Video